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pump and outlet valve in the scrotum two inflatable cylinders inside the penis The two-piece model works in a similar way, but the fluid reservoir is part of a pump implanted in the scrotum. Semi-rigid prostheses are two flexible rods in the body of the penis. It is always held in a bent state and does not change its size and stability. Comparison of different types of prostheses 3. Semi-rigid

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The member is always in a semi-solid state Constant pressure on the inside - risk of injury It is inconvenient to hide under clothes Penis pump. Hollow tube vacuum device with manual or battery control. Helps draw blood into the penis.
To maintain an erection, its base is squeezed with an elastic ring, which is removed after sex. Possible side effects: bruising of the penis, difficulty ejecting sperm if the ring is compressing the urethra.
The gold standard for the treatment of impotence is the implantation of a three-component hydraulic prosthesis.

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Semi-rigid implants have good mechanical strength, but are somewhat inconvenient. The penis is in a state of constant artificial erection and is contoured through clothing. There is a risk of perforation and outward migration of the prosthesis. The installation of any falloprostheses does not affect fertility if it was normal before the operation.

But in cases where the prostate is removed, a two-component is recommended, since postoperative scars in the pelvic cavity can prevent the installation of the reservoir. Inflatable prostheses have a good cosmetic effect - they are not visible when they are in an inactive state, the activation process is almost similar to a physiological erection. You can visit public places without fear - the prosthesis will not be noticeable.